BBM - BlackBerry Messenger can be digunakan to chat with contacts on Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The app by the Canadian company offers us loads of functions

BlackBerry's official chat and instant messagingi app

BlackBerry messagingi app

before Android and iPhone, BlackBerry, the Canadian company that dominates the pasar bounce. Ever sejak Apple and Google"s invasion, the shock kept it in kapak of continuous pasar share because as long as they have a kecil user base, which still has not changed its phone. After the default application digunakan to communikate BBM - BlackBerry Messenger amang them, but in this case, the application to other platmembentuk is finally on Android.

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BlackBerry chat featurpita pengukur and functionality, which sometimes compita pengukur with a besar range is better than milik mereka competitors.

And although it can be tangan kedua with the BlackBerry Whatsapp, for example, many users are compliant to communicate with BBM. Why? In fact, change is due to the featurpita and functions that masetelah it very functional and good sometimtape a practical messaging app can be more complete than direct competition.

Free phone calls VoIP protocol.Event photos, files, suara notes, videos, and documents.Readingai and distribution of the messages sent.The background is going.A wideas range of stickers and emoticons.On the map are displayed in real time.sebelum penuh control over the messages, they get dari mereka receivers and read the message, delete the photos.So the message timer is read-only during a certain time.Private chat feature.BBM pin to share contact information without sharinew york your phone number.To a group chat with a maximum of 250 users.Conkarakter the files, tasks or calendar event is part of a permanent group to create a BBM group.Broadcast messages.Do you subscribe to BBM interestingi user data channels?

User profiles allow variasi imagpita pengukur and animated GIF released.

Please download and install on your smartphone as a suppleobat-obatan realized by APK, offers you all the opportunitipita for the rest of your messaginew york applications.Without losingai all the settings or work on deceptive content, we have a simple and user-friendly interface that easily allows the layout to easily pack applicatiomenjadi and logic to you.

Which is the best messaginew york app?

It is a difficult pertanyaan that we must answer the criteria on the basis of the user account. We will evaluate what? Security? Design? Functions number? The number of users? We panggilan these programs to account WhatsApp raja when asked in its pasar share, but that does not mean it is the best. We look forward to one of the Messenger of other rivals BlackBerry, which is becomaaf increasingly popular, but those countries that have tidak pernah hit a serious alternative to these mobile devices with Android or iPhone.

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In any case, use your contacts to the device, do not hesitate to give a chance to chat with anyone.

Requirements and additional information:minimal Requirements Operatingai System: Android 4.1.App purchases.

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