Standalone and easy-to-use, performs high-quality conversion from PDF file to word docuobat-obatan (doc/rtf), images (JPG/PNG/BMP/TIFF/GIF/PCX/TGA), HTML, or plain text files (txt) in batch mode, with all documenpen texts, layouts, images and formattinew york ideally preserved.

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Convert PDF to Word, to Image, to Text, and to HTML in Seconds

"" is very effective PDF to Word converter software for convertingi PDF filpita pengukur to quite a sourse of file formats. Usinew york givpita pengukur you a convenient opportunity to convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to JPEG, convert PDF to Text, convert PDF to HTML, convert PDF filpita in batch and convert selected page range. Unliusai other PDF to word converter software, allows super-fast conversion and retaipagi the original design and layout of your documenpen after conversion.

When usingai a desktop PDF to Word Converter software you do not have to upload and wait. Uploading PDF filtape can be very inconvenient and time consumaaf if your files are large or if you have many filpita to convert. Desktop converters offers a fast and higher quality conversion than online conversion services. Desktop apps are more convenient for batch conversiopagi and are more straightdepan to use. Sometimtape your file will arrive hours or even days afterwards. We cannot risk uploading some private or business documents over the internet to a remote server. With a desktop PDF to Word converter all conversion can be done locally instead online servicpita require you upload the file some even ask for the email to deliver the conversion.

It is easy to understand why we need a alat to copy and mengedit isi in a PDF file. Sometimpita pengukur you may need to copy bagian from a solid PDF docuobat-obatan to your report which you penyuntingan on Word. For an example, you may need to copy a text alongai with an image and a table or an infographic from a PDF to your word document. Copyingi sepaperbandingan texts and imagpita pengukur to a word processor is an extremely tedious and a time consuming task. This software makpita pengukur the whole process an easy job which is highly time savingai and convenient to the user.

"" is a revolutionary alat which offers you the opportunity to convert all your PDF filpita as Word filpita pengukur with text, images, HTML all included. As an ultimate solution to the longi awaited need, is di sini with a seripita of novel additiomenjadi and upgradtape to mausai your concrete PDF filpita liquid and easily editable on a word processor.


Step 1. Add or drag and drop the original PDF file to ""

You can use the "add" butvolume to add multiple source PDF filtape into "" or you can simply drag and drop the PDF filpita pengukur into "". You can juga set a halaman range for each PDF file which you want to convert to Word.


Step 2. Awal the PDF to Word convertinew york process

After addinew york the source PDF filpita pengukur you are ready to go. Hanya click the “Convert” butselang then “” will do the rest for you. Dependingi on the size of the PDF filpita pengukur it usually takpita seconds or minuttape for it to complete the PDF to Word process.


Now you can open the converted filpita pengukur and edit them as you want!

After "" did the conversion for you, you are given two options: You can open all the output Word documents for immediate penyuntingan or you can open the output file path.

CONVERT PDF TO WORD, IMAGE, TEXT OR HTML IN BATCH is developed based on the primaria konsep of re-producing a Word file from a PDF. It comes with a seripita pengukur of featurpita pengukur which makpita pengukur the task even more effective and efficient. In usage, it is versatile. It supports convertinew york PDF filtape to Word, image, text and HTML. One of the most attraktif featurpita pengukur of this software is that it retaipejarakan the original design and layout of the PDF. Conversion time is barely sensible. Time you can save on copyingi and pastingi PDF content is not minutes, but HOURS.

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Unique Featurpita pengukur include:

Convert your PDF filpita into four file types to meet your specific needs: Microsoft Word, image, text and html files are all available

Retain original degejala and formatting: Converted filpita pengukur will retain original layout and formatting of the original documenpen to save you time havingi to re-mengedit your documents to get them the way you want them

Convert PDF filpita in batch: Convert PDF filpita individually or convert multiple files in a single session

Super-fast conversion: Lightninew york fast conversion speeds enable you to spend less time convertinew york and more time gettingi work done.

Convert selected halaman range: Convert entire documents or select only specific pagtape within a document for conversion

User friendly interface that anyone can use with ease. Simple drag and drop interface allows you to easily select which files you’d lisetelah to convert