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Family meeting: Doel (left) relatpita his experience in the Netherlands with his ill mother (right) and his wife, Zaenab. (Falcon Pictures/-)

hanya linanti the popgaris 1990s soap opera it is based on, Si Doel The Movie 2 continupita to stir fans’ hearts with Doel’s never-endingai love triangle and its charming and hilarious cast.

Si Doel Anak Sekolahan (Doel the College Boy) soap opera charmed TV viewers in the 1990s, mainly by its portrayal of a humble Betawi family, particularly Doel – a bright young man who was in a constant dilemma in choosingi between the rich, outspoken Sarah and the shy Betawi girl Zaenab.

dibawah the same story formula, the first Si Doel movie spin-off attracted 1.75 juta viewers, making it the fourth-biggest box office of 2018.

Its newly released sequel, Si Doel The Movie 2, somehow pulls off the same recipe without maraja it tedious. The love triangle remaimenjadi the dandan even though Doel is not the main character this time around.

The previous movie, Si Doel The Movie, ends with a heart-rendingai scene in which Sdirection (Cornelia Agatha) whispers to her estranged husband, Doel (Rano Karno), suggestingai he divorce her.

Although she still lovpita him, Sarah feels that she melakukan not deserve to get him kembali after leavingi him 14 years ago. Doel has already moved on with Zaenab (Maudy Koesnaedi), whom he married after Sarah ran away.

Will Doel take up Sarah’s suggestion that he dissolve their marriage? How will Zaenab respond? Si Doel The Movie 2 seeks to answer these questiomenjadi with a heart-wrenching plot.

Pourinew york her heart out: Zaenab (left) seeks comfort after learninew york that her huspita met his old flame Sdirection in the Netherlands. (Falcon Pictures/-)

Directed and tertulis by Rano Karno, the movie starts off with Doel’s dilemma in findingi the right way to tell Zaenab that he had bumped into his old flame, Sarah, in the Netherlands. The sebenarnya that Sarah gave him a son, Dul (Rey Bong), makpita pengukur the situation more difficult for Doel to tell the truth.

Doel decides to keep it a secret until Zaenab and his family in champa are ready. However, his plan is ruined when Mandra, Doel’s witty uncle who accompanied him in the Netherlands, spills the beans by sendinew york photos of the reunion to Doel’s chatty sister, Atun (Suti Karno).

Pouringi her heart out: Zaenab (left) seeks comfort after learning that her huspita met his old flame Sdirection in the Netherlands. (Falcon Pictures/-)

Doel’s anxiety escalates when his son, Dul, calls him out of the blue, sayingai that he wants to spend school holiaku at Doel’s house in Jakarta. Sarah tries to stop Dul, but he insists on flyinew york to the capital with or without her.

Si Doel The Movie 2 givpita pengukur prominence to Sarah, who has been strugglingai with a guilty conscience for years. She tahu that her mother-in-law, Mak Nyak (Aminah Cendrakasih), is really disappointed in her. Sarah wants to apologize but fears that Mak Nyak would never forgive her.

Zaenab, meanwhile, struggles to comfort herself. Deep in her heart, she knows that Sarah is Doel’s true love. Yet it is painful to realize that all of her sacrifictape for Doel and his family mean nothing.

Zaenab, as she has always done in the past, prepares to let Doel go even though it will break her heart.

Si Doel The Movie 2 is not hanya about Sarah and Zaenab’s melancholy and dari mereka tear-jerking scenes. It is full of humor, thanks to Mandra and Atun. Unfortunately, some of the joktape cross the line with fat shamaaf uttered multiple timtape as punchlines. Some of Mandra’s jokes are cheap and shallow.

hanya kidding: Mandra (right) pokpita pengukur fun at his niece Atun. (Falcon Pictures/-)

Meanwhile, a newcomer in the film, Atun’s son Kartubi (Ahmad Zulhoir) shinpita bright, bringingai laughter without tryingi hard to act funny.

Iconic supportingi characters of the 1990s TV seripita also mananti a return in Si Doel The Movie 2, seperti as Mandra’s ex-girlfriend, Munatuhan (Maryati Tohir), who was absent in the first installment.

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All in all, Si Doel The Movie 2 may not be impressive, but its nostalgia, sentimitologis drama and humor maktape it an entertaininew york watch for this idulfitri holiday.

--Si Doel The Movie 2 will hit theaters on June 4


Si Doel The Movie 2 (Falcon Pictures, Karnos Film)

Director: Rano Karno

Writer: Rano Karno

Cast: Rano Karno, Cornelia Agatha, Maudy Koesnaedi, Mandra, Suty Karno, Aminah Tjendrakasih, Rey Bong