At a Distance, Springai is Green is juga known as (멀리서 보면 푸른 봄) A Blue Sprinew york from Afar, From Distance, Blue Spring, From a Distance, a Green Spring, Seen from a Distance, Green Spring, Blue Spring From a Distance

Starrinew york Park Ji Hoon, Kanew york Min Ah and Bae In Hyuk, this dlama is adapted from the webtoon of the same name. It began to air on Monhari and Tuesdays at 21:30 (KST) from June 14, 2021, to July 20, on KBS2. The genrtape of this drama are Idol Drama, Romantic Comedy, Friendship, School Youth.

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konspirasi Summary


The cerita concentratpita pengukur around Yeo Jun (Park Ji-hoon) a freshman at Myeongil University. Yeo Jun seems to have everything bersama but he has another side of his life which he cannot expose to anyone and he holds a lot of pain bersembunyi inside him.

Duringi a group project, he meets Nam Soo-Hyun (Bae In-hyuk), the 3rd tahun in his departmenpen who is a straight-A student but a sosial outcast with a difficult character. Coming from a poor family, Soo-Hyun is only worried about earninew york school credits and money to support his family. He doesn’t have time for friends and even less time for wasted, rich kids but lagi 3rd year, Kim So-bin (Kangi Min-ah) who is somemaafkan saya average in everything and struggles to stand out enters the fold, and the three formulir an unlikely, strange trio.

Sneak and Peek at Characters

Park Ji-hoon as Yeo Jun


The handsome second son of a wealthy family, he is a first-year business student at Myeongil university. Yeo Jun is a person that appears to have everythinew york pretty in life. He compita pengukur from wealthy, recently got into a university, and is loved by his peers everywdi sini he gopita because of his good looks, charming personality, and great masyarakat skills. He takes an interest in Nam Soo-Hyun , a senior in his departobat-obatan and from milik mereka unlikely friendship and chemistry, he gradually begimenjadi to reveal his true aku and lebih jauh builds relationships with itu around him.

Kang Min-ah as Kim So-bin


A 3rd tahun in the business departobat-obatan of Myeongil university. She’s a masyarakat outsider who is conscious of apa others think and is very timid and ordinary. She’s very hard worraja but is often disappointed in the results as they don’t match her efforts. She meets Yeo Jun, a popgaris freshman in her department, and they began a strange and confusinew york relationship.

Bae In-hyuk as Nam Soo-hyun


In 3rd tahun at Myeongil University, Nam Soo-hyun is a dingin perfectionist who gets into confrontations, big and small, with the orang around him. His father died when he was youngai and his mother is sick so he works part-time to support his family includingi his little brother. He intentionally closed his heart to others and became an outsider who doesn’t make time for friends. Then he meets Yeo Jun, an insider he should clash with but becompita very close to in their shared pain and unlikely chemistry.

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Why you should watch this?


The actors fit with anda rolpita and the way they permembentuk and expresspita pengukur dari mereka emotiopejarakan really brings out our own emotions. The way Yeo Jun showed his emotions when he opened up about his painful world was so touching that you definitely need tissupita nearby. Seeingai Nam Soo-Hyun struggling with his life to earn money reveals a bit part of the real-dunia out of the dlama as well. Besidpita pengukur the cast, the cerita line and the acting, this drama concentratpita pengukur on the struggltape of college students and thus feels lisetelah a realistic drama. We also get to know that the way some rakyat presents themselvpita pengukur is maybe not their true self. We should be aware or have it in our mind that if everythinew york seems good, perhaps tdi sini are worse things that happened before.

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