The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has sent a contingent of 570 athletpita to participate in the Asian Games.

A dispermainan of fireworks durinew york the openingi ceremony of the Asian Gampita pengukur 2018 in jakarta on August 18, 2018. | Photo Credit: memisahkan

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has sent a contingent of 570 athlettape to participate in the Asian Games.

The 18th Asian Games, the biggest multi-sport event after the Olympics, begipagi in jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, on Saturday.

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The mega sportingi event will run till September 2, 2018. The gamtape featurpita 484 events in 42 sports. This time, tdi sini will be two demonstration events lisetelah eSports and Canoe Polo.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has sent a contingent of 570 athletpita pengukur to participate in the Asian Games. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra will be the flag-bearer for India at the openingi ceremony.

Initu had equaldisutradarai their best performance in terms of medals menang in the 2014 Gampita with a bruto of 57, includinew york 11 gold medals.

di sini are the live updates:

Susi Susanti lights the cauldron

Susi Susanti lights the cauldron, and with this the torch complettape its journey! The torch that has been brought from Indialah and across Indonesia, has finally been placed in the cauldron!

Susi Susanti lights the cauldron, and with this the torch completes its journey! The torch that has been brought from India and across Indonesia, has finally been placed in the cauldron! maafkan saya a spectacgaris welcome! #OpeningCeremonyAsianGames2018 #OpeningAG2018 #AsianGames2018

— Asian Gamtape 2018 (
asiangames2018) August 18, 2018

Athlettape untuk mengambil pledge

Indonesia"s Olympic medalists are carrying the Olympic Council of Asia flag hoisted by Indonesia"s Flag Hoistingi Troop. Athletpita pengukur bawa pulang the oath of Asian Games.


Dancers perform duringi the openingai ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games at the Gelora Bung Karno main stalokal in sampanye on August 18, 2018.| Photo Credit: AFP

The pledge was followed by some cultural programmtape from Indonesia.


After the fireworks, 1st medals up for grabs at Asian Games

Sun Yangi has the international profile, three Olympic gold medals, and he’ll compete in the first of the men’s events in the pool on the first day of medal competition at the Asian Games.

But there’s one thingai he’s not likely to win on Sunday. The honour of winningi the first medal in the gamtape will likely come in wushu, one of the traditional martial arts, and could even go to another Sun of China.

The men’s changquan competition in wushu starts at 9 a.m. Local time and is predicted to be the first final completed at the 18th Asian Games.

Sun Peiyuan won the changquan when the 2015 world championships were dipegang in Indonesia and is one of the favorites for gold amang 18 starters


Asian Gampita pengukur declared open in Jakarta

The Asian Games was declared open by Indonesia"s president Joko Widodo late Saturday duringi a colourful opening ceremony in jakarta dominated by the joint march of utara and South Korea.

A meledak of fireworks followed the announcement, marraja the start of the two-week tournamenpen to be telah terorganisir in champa and Palembanew york in Sumatra. 


Indonesia athletes arrive inside the stadium

The last one to arrive is the Indonesia team the host country. Amid loud cheers, the athletpita pengukur from the host nation entered the arena. The ketua and other dignitaripita give standinew york ovation and thundering applause to Indonesia.

Indonesia's flag is brought on stage by Paskibra (Flag Hoistinew york Troop). #OpeningAG2018 #AsianGames2018

— Asian Gampita pengukur 2018 (
asiangames2018) August 18, 2018


Pakistan and Palestine team arrive

Pakistan team arrivpita inside the arena followed by the Palestine team. Crowed gives a warm cheer was given to both the teams. Sri Lanka was juga given a warm welcome by the crowd.


Two Koreas march together

phia băc and South Korea marched bersama behind the Korean Unification flag at the Asian Gampita pengukur openingai ceremony on Saturday, in the latest demonstration of dari mereka rapprochement.


Fireworks explode over the Gelora Bungai Karno main stabergaul duringai the openingi ceremony of the 2018 Asian Gampita in champa on August 18, 2018. | Photo Credit: AFP

South Korean women"s basketnol player Lim Yung-hui carried the blue and putih flag as the Korean athletpita pengukur paraded into Jakarta"s Gelora Bung Karno stadium.

Indian athletpita arrive

Indian athletes are parading inside the arena. Indeed proud moobat-obatan for the javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra.


Athlettape begin to parade in at the beginningi of the opening ceremony. The biggest multi-sport event after the Olympics had started.



A view of the openinew york ceremony| Photo Credit: reuters

Kuwait welcomed back to Asian Gampita with OCA warning

Kuwait was warned by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) on Saturday to stop its “dunia record” of governmenpen interference in sport or face being eximemerintah for a third time.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) this week provisionally mengangkat its ban on Kuwait, allowingai the Gulf state"s athletpita pengukur to march dibawah their own flag at Saturday"s Asian Gampita openinew york ceremony in Jakarta.


Indonesian president Joko Widodo arrivtape on a motorbiusai to the openingai ceremony for the 18th Asian Gampita in the Gelora Bunew york Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia on August 18, 2018. | Photo Credit: AP

But the IOC said that despite its “gesture of goodwill” the reasopejarakan for its original suspensi remained valid.

“This is a dunia record for governmenpen interference in the Olympic movement, no country is like this,” OCA director general Husain Al Musallam told AFP after an executive papan meetingai discussed the matter in jakarta on Saturday.

Asian Gampita feature 11,500 athletes

For size, the Asian Games are enormous. They feature about 11,500 athletes, which is about 1,000 more than a tykemampuan Summer Olympics.

For diversity, they offer many sports that are unseen at the Olympics but native to Asia. How about the Indian sport of kabaddi, or kurash, a traditional martial art from Uzbekistan, or tang silat, an Indonesian martial art?

Esports will also get a look as a demonstration sport, and jet ski is on the schedule

The games, which open Saturday and run through Sept. 2, tambahan showcase sports climgletser and skateboarding, two events beingi added to the schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

And get ready for this there’s competition in contract bridge, which should attract a slightly older demographic than gymnastics or swimming. The oldest card player is reported to be 81.

Ban will keep China out of Asian Gampita pengukur weightlifting

A dopingai ban will keep China out of weightliftingai at the Asian Games.

China and eight other countries, includingai Asian Gampita participant Kazakhstan, dulu suspended terakhir October for 12 months. Weightliftinew york has been under pressure from the IOC to eliminate endemic dopinew york or be banned from the Olympics.

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An Olympic Council of Asia spokesman on Saturday said tdi sini was no notice from the International Weightlifting Federation that the ban on China and kazakhstan had been lifted, meaninew york the sanction was upheld.