Ever since Samsung introduced the S Pen with its lineup of cảnh báo phones, the accessory has become a favorite for those who like to handwrite their digital notes. But the S Pen is about more than just writing letters; it gives a finer point for precise selection of items on the screen, và in some instances, it can be used to access device shortcuts. Samsung makes some of the best game android tablets, & these are the Galaxy tablets that tư vấn the S pen.

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Cream of the crop

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi

The Galaxy Tab S7 brings excellent hardware và a fantastic software experience lớn fans of apk tablets. The S Pen performs wonderfully thanks khổng lồ the 120Hz display, so all of your doodles flow effortlessly from the pen tip.

Thin is in

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 32 GB WiFi (2019)


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 offers a great writing experience for those on a tight budget. But just because it"s not đứng đầu of the line doesn"t mean it"s bad. You"ll get a bright, vivid 8-inch HD display, great battery life, and expandable storage lớn keep all of your documents stored on.

Not only does the Galaxy Tab Active Pro tư vấn the S Pen, but it comes with one and has a space lớn store the pen inside of the rugged enclosure. While this tablet is durable with a MIL-STD-810G rating, it also has great performance và a visible screen in all conditions.

If you need a tablet that can handle any task you need, then the Galaxy Tab S7+ is your kind of tablet. It is packed with the most powerful processor, a phenomenal display, và makes the best use of all that the S Pen offers.

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The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 brings a big screen và big performance, thanks lớn the Samsung Exynos 7904A processor, at an affordable price. The 128GB of onboard storage, along with the ability khổng lồ expand it with a microSD card, means that you"ll never run out of room for your S Pen creations.

Sitting squarely in between the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, the Galaxy Tab S7 sắt offers the excellent performance and refined thiết kế that"s expected from the lineup. Its large 10,090mAh battery will give you hours và hours of S Pen productivity time.

If you need a tablet that offers solid performance, can take a beating, and still be comfortable to hold, then the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 will get the job done. Lượt thích the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, the S Pen is included & has a handy slot khổng lồ keep the pen with you when you need it.

Samsung"s flagship tablet from 2019 is still a solid pick in 2021. The Galaxy Tab S6 works great as a 2-in-1 device with the included keyboard case. There"s not much to miss with this productivity thiết lập with a powerful processor, great battery life, và a fantastic display.