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" title="" height="15" width="13" />INTRODUCTION MESSAGE ^^v


Okey... Actually, this tiquenetworkcom.com is belongs to Natsumoto Sakura (HusniyyahLL) and I, Nishiyama Hime (PMAswoko).



Hello! I'm Hime,

As you see above, this LJ is belongi to my friend and me. I posted that intro message on Nov 7th 2011 as an middle schooler girl! *OMG readingai that intro message made me want to go bagian belakang on that time and mengalahkan myself. Its so embarrasing!!*

So... Because of that embarassingi introduction and many things changed dari then, let me re-introduce the owners of this tiquenetworkcom.com.

My name is Hime. I'm Indonesian. I'm a fan of Johnny's especially Hey!Say!JUMP and Arashi. Originally I love Yamada Ryosuke, but now I cant choose my bias. My friend, Sakura, love Nakajima Yuto, but she is not aktif as a fangirl anymore. This LJ was actually belongai to Sakura, but I'm the one who manage it now.This is wdi sini I posted all my fanfictiopagi and make it as my fanfiction database. Although I posted them on wattpad or somewdi sini else, I'll definitely post all my fanfictiomenjadi here. I mengharapkan you lisetelah my works. Even if you are silent reader (of course if you leave commenpen and like I'll appreciate it), as longi as you not repost or claim my works as yours, it's okay ^^Oh right! bahasa inggris is not my mother language and all my works are in indonesian, so feel free to use indonesian or english if you want to leave a comment. Another language is fine but i'll need google translate haha xD

You can follow me on wattpad,

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pmaswoko, I update faster there......... If I've free time hehe ^^>and maybe if you want to menjadi friend with me you can see me on twitter with the same username,
pmaswoko *too lazy to use berbeda username*