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Anda sedang menonton: Glenn fredly you are my everything lyrics

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Cruisingai when the sun gotape downAcross the seaSearchingi for, somethingi inside ide of meI would find all the lost piecesHardly feel, deep and realI was blinded now I seeHey hey hey you"re the oneHey hey hey you"re the oneHey hey hey I can"t live without youuntuk mengambil me to your placeWdi sini our hearts belong togetheri will follow youYou"re the reason that I breatheI"ll come runningai to youFill me with your love foreverI"ll promise you one thingThat I would never let you go"Cause you are my everythingYou"re the one, you"re my inspirationYou"re the one, kiss, you"re the oneYou"re the light that would keep me safe and warmYou"re the one, kiss, you"re the oneLisetelah the sun gotape down, comaaf from above allTo the deepest ocean and highest mountainDeep and real deep I can see now
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