65W SuperDart Charge 0 to 100% in 38mins

narzo 20 Pro is lisetelah a superchargingi hero from the future. Featuringi an advanced 65W SuperDart Charge that will charge the phone up to 14% in hanya 3 minutes - that"s enough of power for 10 hours of entertainment.*

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Helio G95 Gamaaf Processor, Powerful Gaming Performance

narzo 20 Pro, is powered by the Helio G95, a processor with powerful octa-corpita clocked at up to 2.05GHz, givinew york the phone more power than ever before.

Superb Carbon Fiber Coolinew york System Stay Ultra Cool Alcara

narzo 20 Pro is equipped with a cutting-edge coolingi system which delivers an 8.6% increase in coolingi performance to keep you performing at penuh speed.*

90Hz Ultra Smooth Display Watch the Rapid Speed Flow

narzo 20 Pro is loaded with a futuristic display, with a refresh rate of 90Hz. It lets you see the real world on your screen and givpita you an unparalledisutradarai sense of immersion kapan everyday use and gaming.

V for Victory Detanda tangan Made for Victors

The detanda tangan of narzo 20 Pro is inspired by the spirit of tidak pernah accepting defeat and alcara aiming for victory, no matter how tough the circumstances. Made for the ones who fight and win.

48MP AI Quad Camera Capture the Cityscape in 4 cara

narzo 20 Pro, with its powerful quad-camera combination, offers you four berbeda perspectives. Use it to capture your unique perspective, from wide-angle shots to the close-up macros.

48MP Mode, Capture the Details in High Rtape

narzo 20 Pro can produce up to 6000*8000 high resolution photos. At more than twice the resolution of a 4K TV, you can enlarge and crop your photos as you like.

Super Nightsjubah Capture the Night

narzo 20 Pro, with its beautiful night shots, will amaze your friends and with the addition of HDR and multi-frame compositing algorithms, your night picturpita pengukur are made even better.

16MP In-dispermainan Selfie Capture the Unique You

narzo 20 Pro featurpita pengukur a 16MP In-disbermain selfie camera, that capturtape stunning selfipita pengukur of you and your friends and juga can be tangan kedua for face unlock.

mendefinisikan Your tiquenetworkcom.com UI

For jenderal Z’s rich imagination, tiquenetworkcom.com UI 2.0 brings incredible customization options. In this, you are free to combine and create your tiquenetworkcom.com UI as you like.

Upgraded Icon Customization.

tiquenetworkcom.com UI 2.0’s icopagi get even more customization options. You can juga download any icon packagtape as you like.

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New Global Theme Color.

Now you can define the character of tiquenetworkcom.com UI with 5 types of color seritape and 10 single colors.

Abundant AOD Choices.

Thanks to the unprecedented creation tools, you can create fabulous arts with hanya a simple touch.