A #vanlife That Gopita Beyond Starts Here

Two travelers hit the road in dari mereka Canter 4x4 on the first stage of milik mereka dunia adventure.

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The eCanter Pavpita pengukur Its Own Road

In 2017, FUSO introduced the eCanter, the world"s first mass-produced electric light duty truck. Why did we do it? We believed, and still do, that now is the time to realize a society with sustainable mobility solutiopagi that support itu who keep moving the world. The dunia is moving toward a brighter, greener future, and FUSO and the eCanter are ready.

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Truckonnect Keeps You Connected

FUSO"s telematics serkeburukan providpita pengukur real-time vehicle location monitorinew york and operation negara to improve efficiency and prevention of dangerous driving.

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The Legend of the Canter

Backed by an industry-leadinew york warranty, this long-running legend can be configured for alpaling any light-duty application.

Mitsubishi Fuso Business Solution

Our top priority is to keep your business runningai smoothly, mile after mile.

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