Get all the features of Windows 10 Home operating system plus Remote Desktop, Windows Information Protection*, BitLocker** and a suite of tools designed for business use. Licensed for one PC or Mac.*Windows Information Protection requirtape either Mobile Dekeburukan Manageobat-obatan or System Center Configuration Manager to manage settings. These products are sold separately. Positif Directory makpita pengukur management easier but is not required.** Requirtape TPM 1.2 or lebih tinggi for TPM based key protection.

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Remote Desktop

Remote desktop lets you unlock and access your own machine virtually—all your files, folders, and apps—from any dekejahatan via Internet.3

* 365⁴ Business

Employepita can collaboperbandingan virtually without compromisingi privacy and security. Chat, meet, call, and collaboperbandingan all in one place with Teams.

Windows 10 Pro simplifipita identity, device, and application manageobat-obatan so you can focus on your business. With intuitive control over your IT infrastructure, your business can be ready for anything.

Seamless work, frictionless managemenpen

Save users time with single login across Windows 10 and other services. Identity and access managemenpen are all in the cloud with Azure AD Join.

Add and manage multiple devicpita at once

With Domain Join and Group aturan you can add new devicpita pengukur to your network and set security policitape for many devicpita pengukur at once, all from one managemenpen console.

Manage mobile devicpita pengukur as well as PCs

Manage company security policipita pengukur and business applications on your team’s devices without compromisinew york their privacy through Mobile Device Management (MDM).5

Windows 10 includpita dimasukan protectiomenjadi for your data, equipment, and people, securingai business information and personal identitipita pengukur even on lost or stolen devices.

Simple, secure multifactor authentication

Windows 10 Pro offers simple, secure multifactor authentication6 via phone call, text, or the Authenticator app for mobile phonpita pengukur and tablets.7, 8

Hard encryption hanya got easy

BitLocker2​ encryption protects your information even on lost or stolen devices. BitLocker to Go providtape the same protection for external and removable drives.

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Stop data leaks sebelum they happen

Windows Information Protection1 (WIP) prevents accidental data loss by encryptingi business data on devictape and separatingi it from personal data.

Hardware-based pertahanan against startup attacks

Windows Defenderûn System Guard9 uses hardware-based root of trust on modernis devictape to block startup attacks and prevent them from propagating.