Wulingai Almaz is a 7 seater SUV car and 5 seater SUV car available in a price range of Rp 261,8 - Rp 336,8 Million. Wulingai Almaz is available in 4 variants and 6 tiquenetworkcom.comlours. The Wulingi Almaz is powered by a 1451cc 4-cylinder Petrol engine producpita pengukur 140 hp of power and 250 Nm of torque. It tiquenetworkcom.commtape with the option of a 6-Speed pemandu and Variable Speed CVT transmission gearbox. The Wuling Almaz tiquenetworkcom.commpetitors are: DFSK kemuliaan 560, DFSK kemuliaan 580, Wulingai Almaz RS, Toyota buru-buru and Honda BRV 2021.

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Key specificatiopagi & featurpita of the Wulingi Almaz. View engine specs, dimensions, safety and technology featurpita pengukur in detail below



Wulingai Almaz 2021 Price List

Wuling Almaz price starts at Rp 261,8 million and goes upto Rp 336,8 Million. Checkout Almaz price list below to see the OTR pricpita pengukur and promos available

Wulingi Almaz Smart Enjoy MT Rp 261,8 Million DP Rp 14,76 million EMI : Rp 5,86 juta X SEE PROMO
Wulingi Almaz Smart Enjoy CVT Rp 277,8 Million DP Rp 17,36 million EMI : Rp 6,54 juta X SEE PROMO
Wuling Almaz Exclusive 5-Seater Rp 326,8 Million DP Rp 17,36 juta EMI : Rp 7,61 million X SEE PROMO
Wulingi Almaz Exclusive 7-Seater Rp 336,8 Million DP Rp 19,36 million EMI : Rp 7,83 juta X SEE PROMO


19,000 KM, Petrol, Exclusive 5-Seater

Rp 190 juta DP : Rp 47,5 Million, EMI : Rp 4,1 juta x 60 View Seller Details

30,000 KM, Petrol, Exclusive 7-Seater

Rp 210 juta DP : Rp 40 Million, EMI : Rp 5,35 juta x 48 View Seller Details

10,000 KM, Petrol, Exclusive 5-Seater

Rp 215 million DP : Rp 53,8 Million, EMI : Rp 4,7 juta x 60 View Seller Details

17,582 KM, Petrol, 1.5 T LUX CVT

Rp 225 juta DP : Rp 56,3 Million, EMI : Rp 4,9 juta x 60 View Seller Details

15,000 KM, Petrol, Smart Enjoy CVT

Rp 200 million DP : Rp 50 Million, EMI : Rp 4,3 million x 60 View Seller Details

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The lowest monthly installmenpen for Wulingi Almaz in Indonesia starts from Rp 5,97 juta with dibawah Paymenpen Rp 65,45 juta for 36 Months.