Summaryaku Raya Nyepi is the Balinese Hindu New Year. It is celebrated on the first new moon in MarchRelated holidays

When is hari Raya Nyepi?

days Raya Nyepi is the Balinese Hindu New Year.

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It is celebrated on the first new bulan in March. It is generally celebrated on the same day as the Indian festival, Ugadi.

Traditiomenjadi of aku Raya Nyepi

Several aku sebelum Nyepi, a Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual called Melasti takpita place. During Melasti, a festival of villagers carry all the sacred objects from their temple to a nearby ocean or danau shore. Tdi sini the sacred objects are cleaned and purified with the holy water of the sea or the lake.

Celebrations for Nyepi are centred on Bali and take two forms.

Firstly according to custom, the arrival of Sprinew york is the time of tahun when the Lord of Hell sends all the devils to Bali, who must kemudian be cleared out to purify the island sebelum the new tahun begins.

rakyat kemudian run through the streets of villagpita and towns, with their factape painted, maraja as much noise as they possibly can.

The evil spirits are driven away by the local setiap orang who masetelah massive papier-mache effigitape of the evil spirits calmemerintah "Ogoh Ogoh". The Ogoh Ogoh are kemudian paraded through towns and villagpita while setiap orang with their factape painted mausai as much noise as they possibly can to scare the monsters away. In the eveningai the effigies are ceremoniously burnt, followed by dancing, drinraja feastingi and generally unabashed partying.

The Day of Silence

This noisy, brash festival is kemudian followed by Nyepi, the Balinese "Day of Silence" juga known as Seclusion Day. Nyepi, marks the mulai of the Balinese Hindu Saka New year and the arrival of spring. Beginninew york at 6 am and lastingi until 6 am the followingi day, Nyepi is a day intended for self-reflection and anythingai that might disturb this is not allowed.

This means no cooking or fires, no entertainment, no travellingai and no work of any kind is permitted.

On Nyepi, the usually busy streets of Bali fall silent and even though Nyepi is a Hindu festival, non-Hindu residents of Bali will juga observe the day of silence out of respect for anda fellow citizens. Tourists are free to do what they want inside dari mereka hotels but notubuh is permitted onto the beachpita or streets. The airport in Bali will juga be closed for Nyepi and telecommunicatiopejarakan companipita even switch off internet servicpita pengukur for a 24 hour period.

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The day after Nyepi, is known as Ngembak Geni, and as daily routinpita get bagian belakang to normal, this is a day to perform religious rituals and ask forgiveness for past deeds to mulai the new year with a clean slate.