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Emailinew york ukurannya besar filpita pengukur may not be mungkin through a standard file attachment. One way to bypass the file size limit of your email provider is to send the big file as a link that the recipient can download from the cloud. Google Drive and Gmail are the perfect duo for this.

Sendinew york besar filpita pengukur (up to 10 GB in size) through Gmail via Google Drive is as easy as uploadingai the file to your Google Drive account and kemudian sendingai it as a shared URL. The process is similar, but not exactly the same as sendingi a regular file attachobat-obatan in Gmail.

These directiopagi apply to Gmail on computers, phones, and tablets. However, the process looks berbeda on mobile devices, so bawa pulang note of which set of instructiopejarakan you"re following.

Tdi sini are other ways to email ukurannya besar files if you don"t use Gmail or Google Drive. Cloud storage services and online backup servictape that support file sharingi usually let you send ukurannya besar files. Tdi sini are juga P2P file-sharingai techniqupita pengukur that don"t have a file size cap.

How to Send large Filtape Through Gmail Using Google Drive

Tdi sini are two ways to use Google Drive to email big files. If you uploaded the file to Google Drive, select it while you're composingi the email. Or, if the file is on your computer, upload it to Google Drive and send it all in one motion.

When composingi the email from the Gmail website, select the Google Drive icon from the bottom toolbar.


How to share File Access on Your Computer

If the file you're sending has share permissiomenjadi in Google Drive, but the rakyat you're sendinew york it to don't have permission to access the file, you'll be given a few optiomenjadi after you select Send (desktop-only).

Share: Select the first drop-turun box lanjut to bagikan with person to give the recipients view, comment, or penyuntingan access.Turn on link sharing: Link sharinew york permits view access only and doesn't let the recipients re-share the file.Don't share: Choosing Don't give access at the bottom of the prompt will send the Google Drive file but won't give the recipients any access. You can alcara provide ide an access tingkat later.

How to share File Access on Your Mobile Dekejahatan

If you're usinew york the mobile app, you'll see a prompt first. Tap More Options to manage the sharing. You'll see the followingi options:

Recipients only lets you posting ulang the file with the email recipients. They must log in to anda Google account to access it. You can give them view, comment, or mengedit permissions.Anyone with the link is for givingai anyone access, even if they don't have a Google account. You can give them view, comment, or edit permissions.

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Continue without sharing shares the file without givingi them permissions.