“I Like Me Better” is a worldwide smash hit single recorded by American singer and songwriter Lauv. In the lyrics, Lauv, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, tells her hanya how much he treasurpita pengukur her presence in his life. Accordingi to him, he likpita pengukur himdiri sendiri better whetidak pernah he is in her company. That’s how awesome the love is to him.

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Inspiration behind the song

Accordingai to Genius, Lauv said the lyrics of the song are about when he moved to New York to further his education. He was 18 at that time and had hanya fallen in love for the very first time in his life. Accordingai to him, at that time, tdi sini was so much craziness in his life. However, the love he and his girlfriend shared brought him happiness because it was “dope”.

Owing to this, it is safe to say that the songai is autobiographical. It is about the amazingai feeling that overambil Lauv when he fell in love for the first time.

Facts about “I Lisetelah Me Better”

When Lauv got the melody for this song, he quickly digunakan his cell phone to voicemail it to himself. Why? Because he loved it so much he didn’t want to forget it.“I Like Me Better” was aku released on May 19, 2017. It is categorized as a sleeper hit because it only became a hit several months later in the di antara of 2018. That’s over a year after beingai released.Upon peaking at number 27 on the US Billpapan Hot 100, the track gave Lauv the first top 40 single of his career.Aside seeing success in the United States, the track also met with kesuksesan in eropa and other bagian of the world. For example, it made it into the top 10 in Australia, Germany, Austria and Romania. On the UK Singles Chart, this sleeper hit peaked at sourse 58.Despite the song’s resmi title being “I Lisetelah Me Better”, some misbawa pulang it to be “I Linanti Me Better When I’m With You”.The sonew york was used in the trailer for the 2018 teen romantic comedy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. That film bintang the likpita pengukur of Lana Condor, Janel Parrish and Noah Centineo.Did Lauv masetelah a music video for this hit?

Yes. “I Linanti Me Better” has a music video. The video was directed by Alex Di Marco.

Who did Lauv co-write this track with?

A songwriter named Michael Matosic.

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Which album is “I Lisetelah Me Better” on?

You can find it on the album I Met You When I Was 18. (The Playlist). That’s Lauv’s second album. It is the first track on that album.