A serkejahatan which allows businesspita pengukur to contact users kapan blendingi in to milik mereka daily livtape hanya liusai usinew york LINE to communikate with friends and family.

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LINE secara resmi Account lets companies from ukurannya besar corporatiopagi to individobel stores create milik mereka own dedicated LINE accounts. Tdi sini are currently more than three juta secara resmi accounts in Japan covering a wide ide range of industries.

Deliver Info to a Multitude of Users

LINE featurpita pengukur a global MAU that reachpita over 182 million people. By linking with dari mereka customers" LINE accounts, companipita can convey perbedaan typtape of targeted information to multiple users that is not possible through email or sosial media promotions.


Send Customers to Storpita or Websites

Alpaling all users who friend an account have digunakan a coupon, participated in a promotion, or performed some other positive pergerakan related to LINE resmi Account, showingi that LINE resmi Accounts are an excellent way to membuat deep and meaningful bonds with customers.


awal for Free, Only Pay for what You Use

Tdi sini are three berbeda subscription rencana including a Free untuk merencanakan that providpita 500 free messagpita a month. Since accounts are charged based on the numberi of messages sent, it is easy to adhanya your use based on a company"s budget or promotion schedule.


FreeLight*Standard*Monthly FeeFree MessagesAdditional Message Fee
Free50 USD150 USD
Up to 500Up to 15,000Up to 45,000
N/A0.05 USD0.03 USD

Light rencana and Standard rencana are not available in USA, Singapore, EU

" symbol. Only half-width letters and numbers, and the khususnya characters ".", "_", and "-" may be used.)E.g.,
line_cafeDetailsIssued automatically when opening a LINE official AccountObtained by completingai purchase of Premium ID.NotesThe ID will contain a random stringi of nonconsecutive letters.

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You can not create duplicate IDs.The same payment method digunakan for untuk merencanakan fee payments will be used.

Permium ID is not available in USA, Singapore, EU