In the State Batipuh Sapuluh Koto (Padangai length), a youngi man holds Swordsman Sutan, nephew Datuk Mantari: More, which is the sole heir of his mother"s inheritance. Because no female siblings, kemudian his property taken care of by mamak. Datuk Mantari labih can only spend the assets, whereas for his nephew should not be used. Until one day, when Swordsman Sutan want to get married but was not allowed to use hartany atersebut, tdi sini was a fight that makes Datuk Mantari labih killed. Sutan Swordsman arrested, when he was hanya 15 years old. He was banished to Cilacap, then taken to the Land Bugis. Because the Bone Wars, she finally arrived in the Land Mengkasar. Several years running, Martial Sutan free and married Daenew york Habibah, the daughter of a propagator of Islam Malay descent. Four years later, Zainuddin was born.When Zainuddin was a child, his mother died. A few months later his father after his mother. He raised Mak Base, a friend of his father. One day, Zainuddin asked for permission to go to Mak Base Batipuh, boast, looraja for his relativtape in his native country. With a heavy heart, Mak Base removing Zainuddin go.Arrived in Padang, Zainuddin beeline Batipuh State. Once there, he was so excited, but after a longi time kabahagiaannmemiliki was lost because everythingi was not as it harpakan. He is still considered a foreigner, is considered the Bugis, the Mengkasar. How unfortunate her, because in her country she is juga considered a stranger, while in Singapore he was also considered foreigners because of the strongai tradition at the time. He juga lived in Batipuh saturated, and that"s when he met Hayati, a Minangi girl who made her uneasy, mausai it a reason to keep livingi there. Starting from the correspondence, they became closer and kahirnya mutual love.The berita of their proximity spread widely and akan the gossip of all citizens. Because the family is a descendant Conservation respected, it would be a disggyeongju for keluargany, customs said Zainuddin was not the Minangkabau, mother was from Makassar. Zainuddin was calpengarahan by mamak Conservation, the reason for the menggunakan of Conservation, Conservation mamak told Zainuddin left Batipuh.Zainuddin moved to Padangai Panjanew york (within about 10 km of Batipuh) with a heavy heart. Zainuddin biological and faithful to each other and promised to continue shipmenpen e-mail. One day, Biological come to Padangi Panjanew york to see the balapan card. He was stayinew york at a friend"s house named Khadijah. One opportunity to remove any homesickness Forepaling in the minds of Biological and Zainuddin. However, it is hindered by the presence of a third party, namely Aziz, brother Khadijah were juga attracted by the beauty of Biological. Because it is in the cities (Padanew york Panjang) and Aziz Zainuddin finally compete in gettinew york love Hayati.Mak Base died, and left a lot of property to Zainuddin. Therefore, he finally sent a letter of application to real Batipuh.Ter Conservation in conjunction with a cover letter Zainuddin Aziz. Zainuddin without mentioningi the properti it has, ultimately rejected by ninik mamak Aziz Conservation and accept the usul which in dari mereka eypita pengukur is more civilized, and the original Minangkabau, and finally chose Aziz sebaagai Hayatipun her husband. Zainuddin was unable to accept the rejection. Moreover, said his friend, Muluk, Aziz is a morally depraved. But whatever power sebelum ninik mamak. After the rejection of Conservation, Zainuddin was ill for two months.The assistance and adragum Muluk, Zainuddin can change his mind. Bersama Muluk, Zainuddin went to Jakarta. Tdi sini Zainuddin started to show his cleverness writing. Di bawah the pseudonym "Z", Zainuddin later became the author of the favorite readers. He founded the association tonil "Andalas," and his life has been turned into a respectable rakyat because of his work. Zainuddin continue his efforts in Surabamemiliki by establishing the publication of books.Because pekeriaan Aziz moved to Surabaya, Hajati started to follow her husband. One time, Conservation received an invitation from the repertory led and directed by Mr. Shabilyar or "Z". Because the invitation Hyati Aziz willingi to watch the show. At the end of the new shows they know that Mr. Shabiliar or "Z" is Zainuddin. Their relationship remaimenjadi good, juga the relationship with Aziz Zainuddin.since they Hijrah Surabamiliki to the longer original character Aziz makin visible as well. He likpita pengukur gamblingi and womanizing. Economic life of anda growingi berhubungan dengan and wound a lot of debt. They were expelmemerintah from the contract, and they are forced to stay at home Zainuddin. Zainuddin goodness behind it, in fact he was still smarting at first considered Biological tidak pernah break a promise. Because no power to bear the shame of the goodness Zainuddin, after a month of staying at home, Aziz went to Banyuwang looraja for a job and left his wife alonew york Zainuddin. After the death of Aziz, Zainuddin himaku was rarely home, except for sleeping.A few days later, obtained news that Aziz had divorced Hayati. By letter Aziz requested that live together Hayati Zainuddin. And kemudian came the berita of a newspaper that Aziz had committed suicideas taraja sleepingai pills in a hotel in Banyuwangi. Conservation juga apologized to Zainuddin and serve him willingly. But because they still feel hurt, Hayati Zainuddin told to return home alone. The lanjut day, Biological return apapan ship Van Der Wijck.After Hayati go, kemudian Zainuddin realizpita that he can not live without a Conservation. Especially after readingi the letter Biological inscribed "I love you, and if kumati, is the memory of death in you." That is why after the departure Hapengemudian he intends followed Hajati to be his wife. Zainuddin later followingai a night train ride to Jakarta.Zainuddin teryata unfulfilpengarahan expectations. Van Der Wijck ship carryingi Hajati sank in waters near Tuban. Hapengemudian can not be saved.In a hospital in Lamongan, Zainuddin find terbarngi Biological weak holdinew york Zainuddin photo. And that was their terakhir meeting, because after Hayati Zainuddin advised, Hayati Zainuddin died in her arms. Since then, Zainuddin became pemenung. And unwittingly whoever he died.

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Said Muluk, Zainuddin died of illness. He was buried in the tomb bersebaelahan Hayati.