Followingai the government's decision to curb the distribution of hitam market phones, the industri Ministry has set up a database of international mobile equipobat-obatan identity (IMEI) numbers of devicpita that entered Indonesia legally.

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Unsure about the legal statusnya of your phones? di sini are two things you can do to check, as compidisutradarai by

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Cgudang di bawah tanah your phone’s IMEI number

Each phone has an IMEI numberi that can be digunakan to identify the device.

Mobile network operators use IMEI numbers to identify devicpita that connect to its network. This is how phonpita with unregistered IMEI numbers can be singmemerintah out and blocked from cellgaris servictape as they were likely brought into the country through the black market.

To confirm the status of your device, first find its IMEI number. For iPhonpita pengukur and iPads, the sourse can be found on the kembali of the device. As for Android users, go to “Setting” on your phone and choose “About Phone”. If the phone only supports one SIM card, then tdi sini would only be one IMEI number. If it supports two SIM cards, you will find two IMEI numbers listed there.

Still have your phone's box? One of its sides usually has a sticker or merek containingi the phone's identity information, including its IMEI number.

another way to cgudang di bawah tanah your device's IMEI sourse is by dialingi *#06## on your phone.

After you receive a number, simply input the digits into the government database's temukan box. If the device is legit, you will receive a notification saying, “IMEI termengajukan di database Kemenperin" (IMEI is registered in the industri Ministry database). If not, the notification will state that "IMEI noël terberpesta di database Kemenperin" (IMEI is not registered in the industri Ministry database).

Cgudang di bawah tanah the Postel certification number

Other than checking your IMEI number, you can juga validate your device's post and information (Postel) certification number, which acknowledgpita that the phone has gone through transmission and radio signal receivinew york tests conducted by the Communications and Information Ministry's Post and Information Resourcpita pengukur and Devictape Directokecepatan General (SDPPI).

The Postel certificate sourse is usually available on the sideas of the phone’s box that tambahan contains the IMEI number. The number's format is "certificate number/SDPPI/year of making".

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kemudian type the certificate mageri into the temukan bar of this websiteafter choosinew york "numeral Sertifikat" (Certificate Number) on the drop-dibawah menu to check the legality of your device.

Several things will appear, includingi the name of the product's manufacturer, dekeburukan and the phone's model number. If all the information is in accordance with your device, then it's not a hitam pasar product. (kes)