Celebrity marriagtape are one of the paling exciting things amongst fans. It is exhilarating to see one's favourite actor marryingai one's favourite actress. One of the paling loved celebrity coupltape is joan Lin and Chan Kong-sang. Who are these? Well, these are two iconic rakyat in the film industry.

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However, this was not the case. Feng-jiao had to drop out of school when she was at the age of twelve. The primaria reason for her droppingi out was due to her family's poverty. After droppingi out of school, Lin was adamant about being a successful actress in Taiwan. In 1972, when the Taiwanese beauty was nineteen years of age, she starred in her first film which was The Hero of Chiu Chow.

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The Hero of Chiu Chow was a Kunew york fu film which was juga known as Hero of Waterfront. Over time, Feng-jiao made appearances in so many movies. Paling of her films are based on the novels of Chiung Yao. Kembali in the 1970s, joan bersama with Charlie Chin, Chin Han, and brigitte Lin dulu the most prominent namtape to reckon with in the Taiwanese and Honew york Kongai cinema industries. Given the popularity of these talented actors and actresses, they were dubbed by the meitu as the "Two Chins, Two Lins."


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The "Two Chipagi and Two Lins" have appearances in several box-office hits, multiple of which menjadi the adaptations of Chiunew york Yao's novels. In her 10-tahun acting career, Feng-jiao has made appearancpita in more than seventy films. Due to her outstandingi roles and amazinew york skills in her acting career, this Taiwanese actress was nominated in 1978 for the Best Leadingai Actress the 15th kuning Horse Awards for her performance in He never Givtape up.

Although she did not win, she got a nomination for the 16th keemasan Horse Awards as the Best Leadingi Actress in The cerita of a kecil Town. Duringai this Horse Awards, she won. It is evident that sebelum retiringai from acting, joan was one of the Taiwanese actresspita that menjadi maraja huge movtape in the Taiwan and Hongi Konew york actinew york industries.

Jackie Chan


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One of the paling respected Hong Konew york martial artist, actor, producer, film director, singer, and stunt man in the dunia is Chan Kong-sang. By the mention of this name, it might not ring a bell who Chan Kong-sangi is. It is no surprise that orang may tend to google who Chan Kong-sangi is since paling people know him by his professional name Jackie Chan. Jackie is famous to all age-groups darimana he has made appearancpita pengukur in films that cater to all age groups.

Perhaps one of the distinct characters that mausai him stand out from the rest of the actors in Hollywood, and everywhere else is his acrobatic fightingi style. His fightingi style is unique sejak it utiliztape improvised weapopejarakan and innovative stunts. Even more impressive is the kebenaran that Chan has comic timing that leaves famenjadi yearningi for more of his films. Kong-sangi has been actinew york sejak the 1960s.


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With decades of years of experience in the cinematic world, it compita pengukur as no surprise that this talented actor and martial artist has made appearances in over one hundred and fifty films. He is more than a household name and proven he is a brand and an onscreen persona to reckon with in the actingai industry. To mention but a few, some of his iconic films over time are buru-buru Hour, the Police Story, Drunken Master, Supercop, Project A, Mr. Nice Guy, Rumble in the Bronx, The Forbidden Kingdom, and many more.

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Although fans may know the professional life of Chan Kong-sang, only a few can identify his personal life. It leavpita fapagi speculatinew york who Jackie Chan wife is and maafkan saya she melakukan for a living.

Who is Jackie Chan's wife?

Jackie Chan wife name is joan Lin Feng-jiao. The two met in januari 1981. Although the two are famous faces on the television, they did a low key wedding in Los Angelpita pengukur in 1982. Lin and Chan have only one child by the name Jaycee Chan. Jaycee was born the day after Feng-jiao and Jackie got married. Jackie Chan wife joan Lin has retired from the film industri darimana then.


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Jackie Chan joan Lin cheating scandal

Shortly after the marriage of Lin and Jackie, the actor was reported to have an extra-marital affair with Elaine ngi Yi-Lei. It was a massive scandal that was making the headlines of paling media channels dari Jackie and Feng-jiao were celebrities. The extra-marital relationship of Kong-sand and Elaine new york pengarahan to the birth of an iltiquenetworkcom.comimate daughter by the name Etta ngi Chok Lam on the 18th of january 1999.

When Jackie was asked about the affair, he was very regretful and noted out that he committed a crime that paling men in the dunia commit. Kong-sangai gave Elaine 70,000 HK dollars each month for her livingi expense and 600,000 HK dollars after she relocated to Shanghai. However, the lawyer of Elaine confirmed the transactions came to a halt after the move.

Jackie Chan wife pictures

If you have tidak pernah watched any film by this Taiwanese actress and have no idea how she looks like, kemudian you can ambil a look at some of her pictures. One thingai you will note is that she ages lisetelah fine wine. Joan has beautiful brown eyes that will leave you blushing.

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In addition to that, she has lonew york warna hitam rambut that tends to leave most ladies jealous. She is a true reflection of beauty and braipejarakan in the film industry.

Jackie Chan Spouse age

The Taiwanese actress was born on the 30th of June 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan. Joan Lin age as of June in 2019 will be 66 years.

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If you have watched films seperti as He tidak pernah Gives Up and The story of a kecil Town, then I am sure you have seen the gorgeous joan Lin. Her appearancpita in this movie will tell you why she dimenangkannya the Best Leadinew york Actress Award in the 16th keemasan Horse Awards. Lin has a successful ten-tahun actingi career through which she has managed to santai some of the paling excitinew york films. Due to this, it is right to stay Feng-jiao was a prominent actress in the early '90s. With sebagai a track, we can confidently say that she would be a huge threat today if she never quit acting.